Friday, February 25, 2011

cramps in stomach from isagenix?

Just got a report from a source about another case of stomach cramps shortly after taking IsaCleanse...doctors increasingly concerned with the use of unregulated supplements.

According to my contact who reached out via phone, she began the Isagenix Cleanse program on Wednesday, and by Thursday she began to feel lightheaded and nacreous.  By Friday she was experiencing cramps she described as similar to when she was pregnant!  Don't get me started about the risks of taking Isagenix or any unregulated supplements during pregnancy.  Until it is proven otherwise, assume Isagenix is not safe during pregnancy!

Anyways, she says the pain was so bad she visited to the emergency room.  They advised her to return to normal food, stop taking Isagenix, and put her on liquid diet while she was in the Emergency Room of the Hospital.

I wish US law and human nature would give people an incentive to create something more valuable and less risky to health than Isagenix and the thousands of other spurious untested and dangerous supplements.