Saturday, January 15, 2011

Have Medical Emergencies been Linked to the Isagenix Cleanse?

It's great to see the anecdotes about people who think Isagenix helped them. But to be fair, if there are real people, good people, who tried the products or tried Isagenix Cleanse program and ended up in the hospital, it would be good to know their stories too...

Here is one testomonial from a comment on the web regarding isagenix:

"This week I took my cleanse drink [berry]that I just purchased. I followed up with an accelerator pill a few minutes later. Within 20 minutes, I had a rash on my face. Later that day I started having cramps in my abdomen, this was followed by blood in my stool. I called my doctor immediately not thinking it had to do with the products but that something was really wrong with me. The past three days I have had a back ache and feel very tired. I thought perhaps this was only me and then two days ago my daughter had the same reaction after taking a cleanse drink followed by an accelerator pill. I am having a full work up done by my physician. Last night really scared me because I felt my eyes burn and my mouth and tongue tingle even though I hadn't had any products. There has to be something wrong with this product too many people are having serious reactions. I have contacted my rep to get answers. Does this become toxic over time? or do we all have a bad batch."