Wednesday, January 19, 2011

nutrition supplement hype or hope - Nutrition - MedHelp

nutrition supplement hype or hope - Nutrition - MedHelp: "I have an aquaintance who has been practically inundating me with information on Isagenix and wants me to endorse it as I am a medical professional. However, I have been unable to find any studies on this product. Everything is testimonial. I actually did purchase some product, but felt unwell during the very first day, and feel uncomfortable with the hard sell. She has had her supervisor come in on a conference call to try to convince me to use and endorse the product. It has an almost cult feel to this---a 'born again' advertising feel. I feel a little guilty about not returning any of her calls, but I also do not want to perpetuate anything that may be even remotely 'snake
Snake bite
Snake bite on the finger
Snake bites
oil' on friends and relatives. She wanted the name and address of my daughter, and I would not relate this at all. I would be happy to evaluate the so-called 'cleanse' aspect of this, if I could find any articles in any journals, but have found no research articles regarding this on either Medline or Medscape. Can you help?"