Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A (rare) critique of Isagenix Online

As often observed on this blog, self interest prevents most online content about Isagenix from being fair balanced or accurate.  The people with the most to gain or lose are those who make money by pressuring family friends and acquaintances to buy the product, whereas those with doubts have little to gain by sharing facts related to the risks or innaccuracies of the Isagenix marketing agenda....

A rare exeption is this blog post @

"I went through the website ( and watched the promotional videos. There is so much to criticize that I hardly know where to start. It"s all misinformation, unsupported claims, testimonials, and money-making ploys.

I couldn"t find a critique of Isagenix on the Web, but that"s not surprising. No serious medical scientist would take it seriously enough to bother about it. And it"s basically all been done before; it"s just a slightly new wrinkle on an old scam."

The rest of the post can be found here.....