Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why doesn't Isagenix share ingredient list?

Wow, talk about a poorly regulated industry and an outrageous pyramid scheme all rold into one.  Like many nutrional products sold via MLM tacticss, you can't find out exactly what is in the products! 

The closes you get to "information' about what you are being urged to put into you body is a bullet point list of what they want you to know...basically the alleged benefits.  This is where the MLM evangelist...I mean salesperson...steps in to assure you that you must believe in it for anecdotal reasons they will recite with religious fervor.  Sounds pretty much like evangelical religion, only it's about making the founders of these shady companies rich...a real shame.

For more on the problem of MLM nutritional supplements not being transparent about their ingredients, see this excellent post by Caitlin E. Cahill