Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lawsuit Against Isagenix for Fraud

A lawsuit alleging Isagenix International, a multi-level marketing company based in Chandler, Arizona, intentionally interfered in and destroyed a competing diet supplement business, was set for trial on March 26, 2012 by the Ventura County Superior Court.

The claims against Isagenix were filed by two affiliated Ventura, California based infomercial production and manufacturing companies, Nature's Pure Body Institute and Incubation, and their owner, Ken Wright. The lawsuit has been pending since May 2008.
Parties involved in the lawsuit include Bill Wheeler, Ph.D., former spokesperson for Wright's Gold Standard protein product; wife Linda Wheeler; their entity Peak Performance Nutrition, Ltd., a Nevada Corporation; Jim Coover, whose wife Kathy was a co-founder of Isagenix with John Anderson; as well as Ellen Bradley Ganus, one of Isagenix's top sales distributors.
Dr. Bill Wheeler's Gold Standard Protein, a weight loss meal replacement formula, was formulated by Wright and successfully marketed on television and radio from 2003 through 2007.
Wright and his companies assert that they created a line of products bearing the brand name "Dr. Bill Wheeler's Gold Standard Protein," held the commercial rights, trained Wheeler to be the public face and spokesperson of the product line, and invested years of labor and funds building up the Dr. Wheeler line of diet products. "

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We were unable to find out what happened at trial.  Any sources?